Bad Dogs Gone Good

Canine Behaviour Consulting Services

Project Details:

Branding & Identity, Web Design

I met Sarah Dykes because I was her client before she became mine. I really believe in what she does for dogs and their people! Sarah specializes in helping reactive (and aggressive dogs especially), feel better about their environment. She uses only positive training methods and is a Certified Behaviour Consultant. Sarah is sought after for her insight by vet clinics, rescues and private clients.

Sarah is all about the science behind the behaviour in dogs, and she wanted her identity to fit that. The surprising bright pink came about because it is her favourite colour. I was sitting in a vet clinic waiting room noticing the sea of marketing brochures, flyers and cards for many pet services on the counter. I loved the idea of using her favourite colour. Her cards totally stand out in this environment where she displays them. Plus this colour is a nice foil for the often sad and distressing world associated with dog rescues and aggressive situations with dogs. 


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