Are You Struggling With the Visual Look of Your Brand?

Does it feel like everything to do with your brand does not represent you or your business accurately? If you ever feel uncomfortable showing people your website or business card or feel confused about what it is that you really need, to communicate to your clients, then you are not alone!

How many different places do people interact with you? If you want your brand to look great and feel professional to your clients, then having a consistent visual look and feel to your marketing matters. Everything from your website, to your logo and marketing pieces, both online and offline, needs to have this consistent visual throughline

Design Services

Brand Identity Design

Create a visual identity that captures the essence of you and resonates with your clients.

This is a set of visual elements, including logos, typography and colour palettes, that reflect who you are, what you do and why you do it.

Graphic Design

The designed and coordinated visual elements that support your brand's visual identity.

Any of the marketing materials you use to communicate and talk to your customers can be branded in a consistent and beautiful way. Everything from your business cards, packaging and signage, to your website and social media graphics.

Website Design

Websites that expand your brand presence. They support and coordinate with your brand's visual identity.

Websites are a big part of your brand experience, so it's important that they clearly convey your message and visually reflect your brand voice and tone.


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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."


Who Am I?

Working With Me & The Support I Offer

My name is Tracy and I am happy you are here! I help people feel good about who they are, by designing the visual elements that help you to look, sound and feel professional in your business. I can assist you in creating and expressing your brand, in a way that feels like an authentic extension of who you are; from your message to the visual elements that support it.

For the last 18 years, I have worked with people who care about making a difference in their own customers' lives, in innovative, creative and impactful ways. I believe in being friendly, approachable and collaborative with the people I work with.

You can think of me as your trusted advisor supporting you in all things pertaining to you and your brand. From vision and strategy for expressing your brand, to the visual elements that are used to promote and connect your brand to your customers you serve every day in your business.

I care about creating meaningful work.

I love to find new ways of looking at things, by putting them together in unexpected ways, creating something better or unusual. My most passionate work comes from bringing your ideas to life through your brand and by working together in a synergistic way. This builds collaborative relationships where we both thrive, by making something better than either of us may have done separately. I definitely believe in the adage “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I can be a beneficial, collaborative partner, by being one of the greatest champions of your creative ideas. I view my clients as peers and friends, not just another customer.

If this sounds like a direction you want to head in, then please get in touch with me. I am always open to hearing new ideas, love learning about who you are and how I can help you.


If you would like to learn more or book a free discovery session
with me then please send me an email to connect.

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